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About me

Willem van Holten, 68 years from the Netherlands. 

Working since 1986 for and with US companies in the Jeep industry.

My work brought me over 150 trips to the United States, In all these years I was able to explore many cities and beautiful parks and mountains all over the country, even I have taken a number of times friends and passionate 4 wheelers over the Rocky’s and other places.

Jeep owner since 1980, founder of the Original Jeep Owners Club in the Netherlands and president of the European Jeepers Jamboree organization. In the 80’s driver and navigator at Off-Road races in Europe and participant of the famous Paris-Dakar rally in 1985

With these experiences I decided when I am getting to my retirement age to do the one and only crazy tour I have always dreamed off. A grand tour visiting places I have not seen for years and foremost many place I have never been like Alaska and Canada, With a Jeep Wrangler. It looks like if this is a completely pre-programmed tour, it is certainly not but you must have a some directions worked out to come to a full trip scenario.

I will start mid-June 2022 and expect to finish mid-September, but routes can change during the trip. The idea is to avoid as many Interstates and Highway’s and go as much over local and dirt roads. Where the unexpected will be a part of the adventure and where you always meet interesting people and hopefully many Jeep owners. The total length of my trip will be about 40.000km (25.000mls) in about 80 driving days. Also will attend a few Jeep events like the Toledo Jeep Fest and Smoky Mountain Jeep Fest and visit some famous area like Moab and Sun Juan Mountains.

Since I will travel all alone I will install a number of safety elements like a Satellite tracking system which can be seen and followed by all interested followers and I will try to make a daily contribution on social media. There I can share my passion the pictures and images of the progress of my trip.

I hope that many followers will share my adventure.

Willem van Holten